Finding The Ideal Self Storage

You will more than likely start searching for your self storage locally. Before you make contact with any facilities be sure to make a list of what you intend to store, try to be as accurate as possible this will enable the vendor to more accurately quote for the use of any of their self storage unit facilities.

A short list of relevant questions will also help, such as is the facility on one level? Can I drive right up to the unit door? Are there any trolleys available and if so is there a charge for using them?

You can quickly make a list of local self storage companies by checking the Yellow Pages or the Internet. Note down any special offers or benefits that may be available along side your self storage company name and address.

When you call be sure to take the name of the person you speak to for later reference.

A professional self storage employee can quickly and easily run through everything you may need to know to decide whether their facility is the one for you.

You should make notes about the responses you receive from your various conversations with self storage facility staff. Where they helpful, knowledgeable and polite? Where they rude, unhelpful and unable to answer your questions? A facility with good staff will provide more of a pleasant experience.


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