Self Storage Packing Tips

It's important when using self storage to pack your unit properly, here are a few tips on how best to pack, store and protect your belongings.

At first glance furniture may seem like something easy to store, after all no boxes are required. But if you intend to store furniture for anything more than a few months then some protection should be used in the form of coverings.

It's also important to use pallets or mats to raise the furniture off the surface of the floor, this may help to prevent possible dampness from condensation, plastic sheeting is another option.

In the case of bulky furniture taking it apart is most likely your best option. Bed frames and posts can usually be easily disassembled and stacked. Table legs should be removed where possible.

If this is not feasible then the table should be laid with it's surface down and the legs facing upwards. You can then more easily pack around the table. Of course the table top should be covered and protected before doing this.

Storing bed sheets or other fabrics in draws is a great space saver. Couches / sofas can be stored on their end when the style will allow it. Again placing the larger items at the back of your storage unit will make for easier access and the spaces between the bulkier items can be filled with smaller belongings.

Glassware And Dishes
When storing glassware or dishes you should be sure to layer the bottom of your box with packing material such as crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap.






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