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Although self storage in the uk is a relatively new idea in it's current format, specialised facilities, the storage of personal belongings has been a day-to-day routine since man first perceived the concept of ownership.

However, we now consume at such a rate that personal belongings can soon get out of hand and begin to take over your home and outside space, such as a garage or shed, quiet easily.

What Are The Benefits?
Some of the more obvious reasons to use self storage are; moving house, archiving, storing office furniture, traveling abroad, for document storage, for business stock, garage items, house clearance and many other things besides.

Some less obvious uses for self storage may include: storing garden furniture or tools; storing winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter; bulky sports gear such as surf boards or skis; as a short-term storage space while decorating or remodeling your home; storing vehicles such as jet skis, boats, caravans, motor cycles etc.

The Convenience Of Self Storage
Convenience is a big part of the decision whether to use self storage or not. Apart from the obvious benefit of clearing space and storing your belongings or business items securely, the facilities physical location is also a big factor in deciding whether to use self storage and in selecting your self storage company.

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